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ActaFi helps SMBs put in place supply chains that deliver value across business units. Successful businesses are not just built on a foundation of theoretical best practices. Rather firms get to be good at what they do, by way of unified business practices that let different business entities work together in tandem to great success. This synergy can only be achieved through efficient processes that empowers every team across the organization towards consistent value production.

These are just some of the things ActaFi ensures while working with firms looking to transform the way they operate to gain competitive advantage in their respective industries. Our 20+ years of experience, in helping companies build efficient operations makes us a partner to trust for maximizing profitability and business value.

We are different because we have a holistic understanding of Supply Chains – Advanced Technologies, Operations, Business, Accounting, Finance, and all things related. With a razor sharp focus on identifying and fine tuning things that create positive business impact, we are good at what we do – build effective Supply Chains.

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Case snippets

ActaFi will work with your supply chain team members to effectively and efficiently apply your supply chain movements into a digitized data driven environment.

  • Set up tracking and tagging of People, Materials and Supply Movements
  • Accessed, standardize, and digitized multiple data repositories for business continuity
  • Developed advanced metrics for global management teams to track supply chain movements
  • Combined metrics and digitized data for high level visualization
  • Developed and visualized global data via Big Data analytic tools (SAS Analytics)

Developed, implemented, managed Supply Chain and Service Chain Roadmaps for the medical device firm to get its innovative hair restoration product out to market.

  • Redesigned all company workflows, data capturing mechanisms including Contract Manufacturing, Procurement, Distribution, Digital Marketing, Sales Platforms (B2B, B2C, DTC), Warranty / Repair Services, Reverse Logistics
  • Expanded revenue channels in the digital medium through variety of online portals: Amazon, Home Shopping Network (HSN), and Self-Service Partner Portal
  • Developed and managed Global ERP Odoo.com with an offshore development team. Activities completed were developing advanced SMB Cloudware solutions, Project Management, Framing BRD’s, UAT
  • Provided a real-time Digital Control Tower to keep track of Sales, Inventory and Finance

Developed and implemented Supply Chain and Service roadmaps for both traditional and digital retail

  • Scouted new company owned warehouse distribution center
  • Designed warehouse facility for all logistics movements: Inbound, Outbound, Re-Packaging
  • Developed Inventory management for handling products in Bulk, Fresh and Frozen
  • Digitized Sales platforms that handled B2B, DTC and Installation Services like Kitchen Design, Culinary Equipment
  • Developed / Restructured Teams including Operations, Logistics, Procurement, Finance
  • Deployed SuperUsers and enabled SOP creation
  • Created and managed Retail and Web Operations for Fulfillment, Logistics
  • Re-developed ERP (SAP Business One), WMS (HighJump) solutions for company wide integration
  • Introduced Digital Control Tower to handle Financial Data, Sales, Procurement, Inventory