Modern day manufacturing, high tech manufacturing, and the “Smart Factory” are today’s basic manufacturing building blocks of a re-imagined supply chain.The world of technology is meeting up with manufacturers where virtual production lines run factories, to meet the physical processes.

Real Time Communications with Cloudware

Cloudware based systems communicate in real-time, whether that means a customer tracking the progress of an order’s production, or an organization ensuring the quality of its operations. Simply put, connected cloudware systems run physical manufacturing automatically.

Competitive quest to gain Market Traction

Customers care now more than ever, about the integrity of their products. With the use of modern manufacturing technology, Start-ups and Scale-ups are the ones rapidly innovating in the world of manufacturing. In addition to their lean operations and motivated teams of specialized professionals, these organizations in particular are being elevated in their competitive quest to gain market traction through a Smart Factory.

Smart Factory Innovations

The wave of smart factory innovations include implementing advanced analytical software, automated services and offering short turnarounds, with high precision. Organizations eliminate the inefficiencies created between traditional design and manufacturing processes by using cloudware to create instant pricing and manufacturing feedback, these processes allow for customers to order parts directly.

To disrupt the competition is now easier, more powerful, and very cost effective.

Advanced analytical software
  • Saves time, provides specialized talent engagement, on-demand expertise, offers critical decision solutions
Automated Services
  • Provide instant quotes through cloudware
  • Offers Made to Order real-time availability
  • Track full production cycle end-to-end
Shorter Lead times
  • Utilize cost effective, proprietary technology to fabricate high precision, low volume quantities

ActaFi will review, analyze and develop a world class hub for your supply chain. Using the latest technologies and best strategies, ActaFi increases the performance of the manufacturing process and improves the financial as well as productivity aspects of the organization.

  • Internal Manufacturing

  • Contract Manufacturing

  • Planning

  • Scheduling