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Relationship Management

The centralized system that helps you manage and potentially improve the relationship with existing customers is known as the customer relationship management cloudware or CRM.CRM helps you acquire new potential customers and retain prior customers. A CRM cloudware solution facilitates the systematic arranging, gathering, and managing of customer information, which can be a time saving asset for any organization.

Customers’ requests require timely solutions within the organizations service level agreements (SLA’s). This can be achieved by capturing continuous feedback from your customers regarding your products and services through CRM. When you consistently engage with the customer base, existing customers are happier, and they may also recommend your organization to other potential leads.

Customer satisfaction is the primary objective of CRM. World class services to your customers can only be obtained through an improved understanding of their specific real-time requests.

When you know and remember your customers, this enables you to forge a much stronger connection and a deeper relationship with your customer which helps you to increase customer loyalty. Also, poor customer service leads to customer agitation, which affects present and future leads. To know your customers better, it is important for the organization to keep team members focused and on-track, with your customer engagements. CRM provides an efficient, accurate and a positive customer experience throughout the organization.

CRM cloudware can be time-consuming due to change management; however the advantages more than outweigh the disadvantages.

Even the organization’s revenue stream can increase substantially with a highly productive, well-implemented CRM strategy

All customer agreements involving sales, servicing, and marketing can be automated using CRM technologies suited for your specific business

Marketing strategies for your organization can be made more effective with the real-time data from your CRM, including sales promotions, sales segmentation, lead lists, customer loyalty, customer engagement, and brand imaging. CRM cloudware utilizes various interaction touchpoints throughout the customer experience.

CRM can integrate with accounting, finance, data intelligence, and decrease the sales cycle by auto-scheduling online meetings and calls, tracking lead closing %, and track any other specific dataset required by the organization.

Both Start-Up and Scale-Up organizations gain advantages from implementing customer relationship management solutions. Rather than merely have a transactional customer relationship, organizations need to maintain a continuous level of engagement with their customer base. ActaFi will analyze your organizations engagement, collaboration and community building efforts across the supply chain, and provide solutions to keep your customers happy, while increasing your productivity, mobility and 360 degree customer views.

  • Analyzing your organization’s engagement and collaboration opportunities

  • Enabling community building efforts across the supply chain

  • Providing solutions to keep your customers happy

  • Increasing productivity, mobility and 360 degree customer views