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Traditional order management is the administration of business processes related to orders (sales) for goods or services via an order management system (OMS), which automates and streamlines order processing for organizations.

At a minimum order management integrates with the sales, fulfillment and accounting teams to provide a 360 degree view of a customer’s quote to cash (Q2C) cycle throughout your supply chain.

Customer demand enters the order management cloudware

Inventory is automatically committed and back-orders created for any out of stock situations

Cloudware provides access to inventory at all business locations

Split orders among multiple sources of supply, including other branches and vendors

Today’s order management cloudware receives orders from multiple sales channels, on multiple platforms including Face to Face (F2F), Phone, Mobile, Email, Ecom, Self-Service Portal, POS (Point of Sale), EDI and Blockchain, and provides a comprehensive and detailed view of all channels within one customer record.

Order management helps improve customer service and increase revenue

Customer care teams can access real-time, organization-wide inventory availability, and the system automatically references a customer’s unique processing option. This occurs while product promotions and other suggested up-selling prompts help the customer service representative expand your average order value. Various order types, multiple inventory sourcing options, and flexible pricing options are also available.

Order management enables multiple workflows

Order management covers multiple workflows from stock & ship to drop ship, and manufacture & ship to assemble & ship. From order capture and order allocation to payment processing and customer invoicing, order management automates the end-to-end order process.

Ease of access to information and Flexibility

Additionally, order management automatically receives Ecom (DTC) and Self-Service (B2B) orders and establishes automated connections with your customers. With just a internet connection, customers can easily place orders, check stock availability, look at their account status and determine the status of their orders. Today, customers expect the flexibility of being able to access information and enter orders from practically anywhere, real-time.

  • Agile order entry, review and maintenance

  • Sell on all Sales platforms – B2B, B2C, D2C

  • Unlimited Customer data lookup capabilities

  • Real-time order status and inventory availability

  • Weight capture for items sold by weight

  • Buy, sell and stock products in different units of measure

  • Credit checking for on-terms accounts

  • Logistics management integration for the top three (UPS, FedEx, USPS) plus any others

  • Sales commission tracking

  • Multiple Price lists

  • Fully integrated with third party Point of Sale (POS) applications

  • Credit, Debit and Alternative Payment Processing methods

  • Quote to Order conversions

  • On-Demand, Made to Order processing

  • Audit trail tracks all changes to an order

ActaFi will review and align your order management + corporate strategies to provide a framework for: